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If this does not move you, nothing will

Battling childhood hunger

I hope this note finds all of you as well as can be in these challenging times.

With schools being closed for the remainder of the year in response to the ongoing pandemic, the most vulnerable in our society – our underprivileged children, who rely solely on daily school lunches for their meals need our help.   

In these scary and uncertain times, we need to come together in our local communities to do whatever we can to help those who are impacted the most. To that end, we would like to call on local businesses, both small and large to step up and offer services, goods, and funds to meet the needs. It is unconscionable that a child in today’s America should not know where his or her next meal may be coming from.

By providing funding, we are generating an intermediate economy for our restaurants, suppliers, cooks, wait staff, drivers and small businesses until our country is back on her feet.

Even though times are tough, they are tougher for many around us. Please do what you can to help our fellow Americans. Our local first responders such as Fire, Police, DNR, and other services can be utilized to move food to local food stores and even deliver to those that do not have transportation or means to obtain food.

Our objective is to support local children and families who are in dire need of having meals made available to them. 

Call to Action

Corporate sponsorship 

Employees of corporations in Maryland are making a payroll donation per pay period with the employer matching their donations. Our commitment is to provide over $5M in food donations over the next 12 months. All members of Mission19 will be volunteers with no overhead to ensure 100% of donations are used to support the ones who need our assistance. Learn more here.

Individual contribution

Your staff can purchase or commit to purchasing gift cards for local restaurants and businesses. Mission19 and a team of local volunteers will assist in the distribution of those gift cards to individuals and families in need. 

Please join us in supporting our community. If you have questions, please contact us at 

Be safe and diligent, and we will get through this.